Everyday is Special

For this short post, I’m going to use english as the language. I don’t care if my grammar was bad or something. As long as you can get what I mean, that’s enough. Well, maybe the problem is, how do I know that you get it? :D Haha, since I don’t know how, I’ll assume that you have no problem to understand this post. Case closed. ;p

This time, I want to write about a thing that has been crossing my mind these days. It is the reaction of the people to the previous “beautiful” date, November, 11 2011 (11-11-11). As I know, there are couples that decided to get married on that date, there are mothers that wanted to give birth to their babies on that date, and there are people that did their rituals, or made some wishes as if that date was really something. Well I don’t blame those people (and I’m not even jealous if I haven’t got married yet until that date). My problem is: is it wise to treat a date like that?

In my opinion, yeah, 11-11-11 is a unique date. But hey, every date is unique, isn’t it? There are no date that happens twice. Besides that, a date is just a date. What’s on a date? For me, it’s just like a symbol. It’s not something special. It’s not a thing that brings you happiness. Happiness comes from the way you face your problem. It’s on how you live your life. And if there are new things happen everyday, then why should we limit our special days to certain dates?

Everyday is special. So don’t be upset if your special moment(s) didn’t happen on 11-11-11 or any other “beautiful” date(s). God has given us a great life, so there are no reasons to not make everyday special. :)


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