Hi! I haven’t written the review of 최고의 한방 for the last 2 consecutive weeks (so sad it has ended T_T) and didn’t post any other things either. I only did a minor change on some old posts. I’ll start blogging again at least next week since I’m in the middle of writing something for a writing competition. I’m trying to write some kind of fiction–which is challenging because I haven’t written such thing for quite a long time. That’s why, though the idea is clear enough (in my opinion, of course :p), I need some times to contemplate on it. I don’t know whether I’m lucky enough to win, but I’m trying to give my best shot no matter what the result is. Wish me luck. :)

Pending reviews, sorry.. 

Besides doing that, I also need some times to tidy up my house (and probably get rid of some stuffs) and pull out the weeds on the garden. I also have my time booked for some appointments almost everyday (taking my son for therapies, doctor visit, Arabic language class, and some other things). So, pardon me if I don’t post often these days. 

Crazy Weeds

Well, then, see you again (at least) next week!

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