Hello World 2018

It’s already 2018. I think it’s time to make some new resolutions. Well, here are mine.

  1. Losing weight, so that my wedding ring could again fit my finger. :v
  2. Being a more well-organized person. 
  3. Throwing away every single thing that doesn’t spark joy. 
  4. Starting a new blog. I’ve bought the domain, and now it’s time to look for hosting. (PS. This blog will still be here. That new blog is only for one niche.)
  5. Optimizing my currently-empty-Wattpad account. 
  6. Participating in more and more and more anthologies. 
  7. Publishing my first solo book, be it self-improvement book, novel, or even a textbook. 
  8. Learning how to code… again. xD  

Okay. Let’s see how much I can accomplish in a month.

And a year. 


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