Evaluasi Resolusi 2018

Bulan yang kurang produktif dari aktivitas blogging. Hyuft. Semoga bulan depan bisa lebih baik. Semangat!

Untuk menutup bulan ini, saya akan melakukan evaluasi singkat pada resolusi 2018 saya. Mengapa singkat? Karena pada dasarnya, belum banyak yang tercapai, terutama poin pertama (kurus). Hahaha. Walaupun demikian, minimal sudah ada dua poin yang mulai berjalan. 

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Aftermath of procrastination. 

Well, not really procrastination though. I drafted a post, but then another idea popped in my head, drafted another one, another idea popped, drafted another one.. and so on. Finally, there are a few drafts already, and they need to be completed, but I was too lazy to do it. -_-

Just when the thought of finishing the drafts came, there also came another task with a strict deadline. Not only strict, but also short. I recently joined an online book-writing class and this time I was given only 3 days to write 3-pages-long essay. I’m not sure whether I should call it essay or draft or whatever, but sure it’s 3-pages-long. That was tough, but I think it’s too early to give up. So yeah, I’m going to finish that first. 

It sounds like another excuse to not update this blog. Well, it’s indeed an excuse, lol. But this time I mean it. I really want to write a book and I need a proper support system to really execute it. So, this is my chance. Wish me luck. 

PS: There will be 2 new posts published today, and if I can finish my “homework” earlier, there will also be the other 2-3 new posts this week.