Teringat kata Murakami-san di “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”. Tidak semua orang bisa menulis. Menulis itu bakat-bakatan, karena cari inspirasi itu ibaratnya ambil air dari sumur. 

Kalo kamu sangat berbakat, gampang aja nulis. Sumurmu penuh air, tinggal ambil aja. 

Kalo bakatmu biasa, kamu harus menggali sumur lebih dalam untuk mendapatkan air. 

Kalo kamu gak ada bakat,  gak usah nulis, karena sumurmu itu kering! Wkwkwk. 

Simbah mah bebas lah ya. Kalo beliau berpendapat begitu ya monggo, tapi jangan jadikan itu sebagai sesuatu yang nge-down-in kalian (termasuk saya) yang masih belajar nulis. Ingat kata mbah Einstein aja. Untuk sukses, kita perlu 1% bakat dan 99% kerja keras. Even if kita gak punya yang 1% itu, masih ada 99% yang bisa diusahakan. 

Tetap semangat belajar menulis. :)


Aftermath of procrastination. 

Well, not really procrastination though. I drafted a post, but then another idea popped in my head, drafted another one, another idea popped, drafted another one.. and so on. Finally, there are a few drafts already, and they need to be completed, but I was too lazy to do it. -_-

Just when the thought of finishing the drafts came, there also came another task with a strict deadline. Not only strict, but also short. I recently joined an online book-writing class and this time I was given only 3 days to write 3-pages-long essay. I’m not sure whether I should call it essay or draft or whatever, but sure it’s 3-pages-long. That was tough, but I think it’s too early to give up. So yeah, I’m going to finish that first. 

It sounds like another excuse to not update this blog. Well, it’s indeed an excuse, lol. But this time I mean it. I really want to write a book and I need a proper support system to really execute it. So, this is my chance. Wish me luck. 

PS: There will be 2 new posts published today, and if I can finish my “homework” earlier, there will also be the other 2-3 new posts this week. 


Hi! I haven’t written the review of 최고의 한방 for the last 2 consecutive weeks (so sad it has ended T_T) and didn’t post any other things either. I only did a minor change on some old posts. I’ll start blogging again at least next week since I’m in the middle of writing something for a writing competition. I’m trying to write some kind of fiction–which is challenging because I haven’t written such thing for quite a long time. That’s why, though the idea is clear enough (in my opinion, of course :p), I need some times to contemplate on it. I don’t know whether I’m lucky enough to win, but I’m trying to give my best shot no matter what the result is. Wish me luck. :)

Pending reviews, sorry.. 

Besides doing that, I also need some times to tidy up my house (and probably get rid of some stuffs) and pull out the weeds on the garden. I also have my time booked for some appointments almost everyday (taking my son for therapies, doctor visit, Arabic language class, and some other things). So, pardon me if I don’t post often these days. 

Crazy Weeds

Well, then, see you again (at least) next week!